Our Services

Supply of "turn-key" plants

VASINI assure the Costumer a high-quality service and professionalism, taking care of the several development phase of the production order to the last detail, in order to reach the goal successfully in the buyout phase.
The preventive estimate of all the technical-contractual aspects allows the determination and the solution in advance of possible problems. Furthermore all the machine are manufactured respecting all the effective safety norms.

VASINI offers his experience for assistance to the first starting, installation, technical maintenance services and also laboratory services.

Technical office

Our technical office provides the organization of all the production area. Qualified and trained engineers are continuosly making new projects and introducing innovations in order to improve the new technologies. Every new idea, every new project strarts from this office, wich is, for this reasong, considered to be the center of the company.


Thanks to the varity of our products range, our technical and engineers can handle every project, paying attention also to the production costs and possible delays.


Every drawing is realized by our engineers using last-generation software, allowing the whole working-out of drawings and part lists, besides the filling and the management of the data. The possibility to exchange all these drawings by the web make easier the cooperation between the technical office and customers, partners or suppliers.

Gneral contractor

VASINI as General Contractor. VASINI as General Contractors: undertakes the role of sole interlocutor in the realization process.

By a methodical data collection and a peculiar analysis and control of the operating processes, VASINI undertakes also the role of sole interlocutor in the realization process. The more complex a big project is . the more complete the competence should be. This is the reason why VASINI can offer to its customers all-round solutions and can manage all the planning, projecting and realizing phases.

Thanks to this, the customers' feedback has always been positive and satisfying. An organizational structure that has satisfied for over 50 years the customers' whishes.


As in the planning and realization phase, even in the projecting phase VASINI offers to its customers all quality and experience, refined in years. Thanks to the professional competence and skill of its technical office, VASINI guarantees a projecting phase complying with its customers' requirements, in order to offer an appropriate solution for each request.


Besides all the documentation and technical manuals supplied with its machines, VASINI places at its customers' disposal a fast and functional servicing. The experience of its technicians, acquired by their presence at several plants in the world, allows the company to help its customers if necessary.