In order to reach the best results and thanks to its specific and modern technologies, VASINI offers the most appropriate and advanced solutions in the field of automatic equipment for hunting cartridges and sport ammunitions.


The high quality of every single part and every component of a Vasini machine, have been all the time the strong suite of this Company, which in years has been able to direct its efforts towards excellence, starting from the raw materials, to the projecting phase and realization of the finished product.


Thanks to an efficient production system that in years succeeded in reducing rejects and thanks also to the new technologies, VASINI drastically cut down running costs of its customers, starting a synergy quality/costs that makes a Brand great.

continue improvement

VASINI always pays attention to every new technology available in the world, keeping it up-to-date, in order to improve its products and forestall its competitors.

This philosophy made VASINI be a company appreciated by its customers, that in years were able to benefit by quality solutions, produced by touch-screen PLC, optical fibers, video production assistance, independent machine modules autonomously computer controller. All these technologies are incorporated in the VASINI machines and equipments.


Thanks to the many-years experience and continue feed-back from all our customers, VASINI is able to manufacture machines incorporating the finest wishes and expectations of the final user.

easy to use

Our customers' operators really appreciate the ease of use of our products: ergonomics, ease of maintenance, ease of tool changeover are all important attributes always present in VASINI machines and equipments.

technical documentation

The quality of our documentation is unique. It gives our customers full autonomy right from the beginning. All is explained in the Know-How documentation as well as in the technical manuals of the machines supplied.