spoiler #1
spoiler #2


The load of the components to be assembled is carried out by the operator who places them in the appropriate self-centering masks fixed on the machine bench.

The anthropomorphic robot, equipped with a pneumatic change device for the different tools, picks up the first piece of the spoiler and takes it to the various stations on the island:

  • Laser cutting for removal of sprues
  • plasmatura
  • Glue application

After carrying out these operations, the robot changes the tool and takes the second piece to the island to perform only the plasmating operation, after which it assembles the part together with the one previously processed.

Once the assembly cycle is over, the operator removes the processed piece and places it under one of the free hot presses for the final treatment.


Robotized island for spoiler assembly

Technical Data

  • Productivity (pieces / hour)30
  • Components to be assembled2
  • Number of operators1


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