push and pull
push and pull #1


11 station rotary table machine.
Fully automatic loading of all parts by means of circular, linear vibrators and hoppers to guarantee maximum autonomy.
Handling of parts carried out by pneumatic manipulators designed and manufactured by us.
Rotating actuators for precise orientation of the components to be assembled.
Spring insertion with body lubrication and subsequent correct insertion check.
Final test of correct assembly and operation of the Push and Pull mechanism plus a force-displacement control for the whole movement.
6-character alphanumeric inkjet marker for printing the batch on the finished piece.
Entire management of the machine carried out through the operator panel mounted on a rotating arm.


Automatic assembly machine and Inkjet printing push and pull mechanism.

Technical Data

  • Productivity (pieces / hour)1200
  • Components to be assembled6
  • Product versions1
  • Number of operators1


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