Priming machine mod. Smallest

priming machine mod. smallest
priming machine mod. smallest #1

Operation List

  1. Primers feeding.
  2. Positioning of the primer on the rotary table.
  3. Checking the presence and orientation of the primer, presence of the anvil.
  4. Checking of the presence of vamp hole.
  5. Cases feeding.
  6. Cases positioning on the rotating table.
  7. Insertion of the primer.
  8. Micrometric control of primer insertion depth.
  9. Non-conforming parts unloading.
  10. Good parts unloading.


Priming machine for rifle and pistol caliber

Technical Data

  • Productivity60 pcs/min
  • ComponentsCase - Primer (Small, Large, Berdan)
  • Caliberup to 12,7mm


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