micro-pumps #1
micro-pumps #2
micro-pumps #3


Total accessibility to the automatic system through control panel for recipe management and leak test monitoring.
Supply of the various components to be assembled using circular and linear vibrators.
Component insertion on the rotary table masks thanks to our Pick & Place manipulators.
Orientation of the coil during assembly by system of step-by-step electric axis.
Passage of the finished piece from the rotating table to the test stand with Scara Robot.
Test stand consisting of 4 stations to examine several products at the same time.
Final step from the various test stations to the discharge belt always with Robot Scara.
Remote assistance module.


Automatic machine with two rotating tables with pre-assembly of pipettes and subsequent assembly on the reel, plus a pressure and vacuum seal test.

Technical Data

  • Productivity (pieces / hour)600
  • Components to be assembled8
  • Product versions6
  • Number of operators1


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