irrigation valves
irrigation valves #1
irrigation valves #2
irrigation valves #3
irrigation valves #4


Automatic loading of all components with circular, linear and hopper feeders for greater autonomy (approx. 30 minutes).
Presence control of components on the rotary table.Integrated valve body load with a vision system for correct workpiece orientation.
Anthropomorphic robot for positioning the piece on the auxiliary table with 6 stations.
Lubrication unit for the internal cylindrical part of the body using a lubricated pad.
Pressing station with subsequent quota control.
Sealing and trafiling control with precision transducer and adjustable pressure up to 3 bar.
Remote assistance module for Internet connection.


Automatic rotary table machine on 24 stations for assembly, visual control, leak and leakage control plus 6 station auxiliary rotary table for final assembly.

Technical Data

  • Productivity (pieces / hour)1800
  • Components to be assembled5
  • Product versions2
  • Number of operators1


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