thermocouples #1
thermocouples #2
thermocouples #3


Automatic load of the components to be assembled by means of a vibrator system.
A vision system recognizes the rotation of the body that is transferred to a rotary axis that orients the part before inserting it on the rotating table.
The bodies are of 3 different types of colors so a photocell with color recognition determines whether a piece is in harmony with the selected recipe on the operator panel.
Insertion of the thermocouple by means of a system of electric axes.
A continuity test and two height tests with potentiometers verify the correct assembly of the thermocouple.
At the end of the rotary table, a second vision system controls the inclination and rotation of the thermocouple.
A Scara Robot discharges the pieces of waste into different boxes according to the type of defect and palletizes the good pieces.
An automatic warehouse at the end of the line makes greater machine autonomy possible.


Thermocouple assembly and palletizing machine

Technical Data

  • Productivity (pieces / hour)1800
  • Components to be assembled2
  • Product versions3
  • Number of operators1


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