cans #1


Conveyor belts with integrated cylinder transport device adjustable for the various diameters and heights of the cylinders through handwheels.

Filling line interface device with integrated cylinder alignment system at the entrance to the control system.

Inkjet printer for batch printing and expiration date on the bottom of the bottle during transport of the same on the conveyor belt.

Visual control system for reading the characters printed on the bottom of the cylinders and checking the string read with the one set during the setup phase.

Device to divert waste bottles in a special box.

Manipulation of the cylinders in the respective boxes by means of a Cartesian X-Z axis with controlled axes with a double gripping head.

The whole machine and the vision system are managed according to the CFR21 standard: Traceability of accesses, historical events and activities, renewal of the scheduled user password, etc.


Machine for visual inspection and handling of cylinders

Technical Data

  • Productivity (pieces / hour)240
  • Components to be assembled1
  • Product versions15
  • Number of operators1


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