dialysis caps
dialysis caps #1
dialysis caps #2


Automatic loading of the components from assemblages through a system of circular, linear and hopper vibrators for an autonomy of 8 hours.
Singularization of the seals on the insertion station.
Two pneumatic presses for inserting the gasket in the cap, each consisting of a support structure, a double stroke cylinder with an adjustable thrust up to 30 kg, the first stroke for gripping the seal and the second one for insertion into the cap.
Digital quota control device installed on a rotating cylinder for the 360 ° seal control with a resolution of 0.02mm.
Automatic unloading of waste on a chute with a collection box.


Automatic machine with rotary table 8 stations for inserting the cap gasket and quota control

Technical Data

  • Productivity (pieces / hour)2000
  • Components to be assembled2
  • Product versions1
  • Number of operators1


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