burners #1
burners #2


Bench N.1 for crimper fixing bracket and accessories while banquet No.2 for crimping fireplace on burner.
The banquets are composed of:
Masking with housings for the various components to be crimped with integrated presence sensors and correct piece position.
N.3 16kN air / oil presses and 200mm stroke with relative crimping mold.
Some presses are mounted on an adjustment device operated by a handwheel device to bring the press to the correct crimping height.
On the front of the counters there are optical barriers to guarantee the safety during the crimping cycle.
Operator panel for the complete management of the machine.


Two banquets of crimping burners

Technical Data

  • Productivity (pieces / hour)Manuale
  • Components to be assembled4
  • Product versions5
  • Number of operators2


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