electric joints
electric joints #1


Conveyor with pitch configured to house all models in a universal way.

Motorized linear transfer with 6 mobile gripping heads, to transfer joints from one station to another in parallel.

The horizontal travel of the transfer can be programmed with a stop in the middle to divert the waste joints on the 4 carpets dedicated to managing the types of waste.

The first station is dedicated to the control of mechanical keys made with 2 laser pointers. The station integrates a 4-position rotator to look for the combination of the keys set to recipe.

The second station checks the contacts; the head is equipped to control the 3 + 3 spring / contacts present on each branch.

Each control tool consists of a probe held in position by a spring with a force of 1/3 of the spring of the contact blade, a proximity sensor checks the correct presence of the contact spring.

The third station controls the impedance: the station is equipped to control in a separate sequence all the lines of the various joint models. The PE-resistance test is made with four-wire technology with sinusoidal power and free potential test current.

Every single line is tested separately in order to indirectly control even incorrect connections.

The fourth station is dedicated to the control of electric rigidity and is equipped to simultaneously contact, for all models, the contacts / spring with a polarity and all the ground blades with the other polarity of test. The test is performed at 3800 V for a duration of one second with adjustable current up to 100 mA.

The final station is equipped with a laser marker which prints the logo and the lot on the controlled component.


Automatic machine for electrical control and laser marking of electrical joints

Technical Data

  • Productivity (pieces / hour)100/400 in base al modello
  • Components to be assembled1
  • Product versions10
  • Number of operators1


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