hanger for lingerie
hanger for lingerie #1
hanger for lingerie #2
hanger for lingerie #3


Hanger load through singolarizer to guarantee the picking from the Pick and Place manipulator of a single clothes hanger.
Load on appropriate masks on which a pneumatic gripper is installed for the correct tightness and position of the hang-up on the mask itself.
Application on both the lower and upper part of the labels by means of scara robot (alternative version with Tampo Printer).
The pieces processed are unloaded by two Pick and Place manipulators in a deposit made up of 1200mm long sloped bars.


Automatic rotary table machine for labels application on Lingerie hangers.

Technical Data

  • Productivity (pieces / hour)3000
  • Components to be assembled2
  • Product versions6
  • Number of operators1


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