Loading machine mod. Smallest

loading machine mod. smallest
loading machine mod. smallest #1

Operation List

  1. Case introduction.
  2. Checking of case and primer presence.
  3. Re-sizing of the case’s mouth – case of rejection, the machine will not load powder and bullet).
  4. Loading of powder.
  5. Checking of powder (by volume, min – max).
  6. Bullet first seating.
  7. Bullet final seating.
  8. Conical crimping of case’s mouth.
  9. Profile checking by analogic sensor.
  10. Total length checking.
  11. Automatic rejection of non-conform parts.
  12. Unload Good pieces.


Loading machine for rifle and pistol caliber
40 pcs/min rifle caliber
60 pcs/min pistol caliber
25 pcs/min cal. 50

Technical Data

  • Productivity40 - 60 pcs/min
  • ComponentsCases - Powder - Bullets
  • Caliberup to 12,7mm


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