Loading machine mod. IARO

loading machine mod. iaro
loading machine mod. iaro #1

Operation List

  1. Case introduction.
  2. Case and primer presence check.
  3. Resizing of case mouth - no powder and bullet are loaded in the event of rejection.
  4. Powder loading.
  5. Checking powder level (Min - Max volume).
  6. First bullet seating.
  7. Final bullet seating.
  8. Conical crimping of case mouth.
  9. Finished ammunition profile check.
  10. Finished ammunition length control.
  11. Automatic rejection of non-conforming parts.
  12. Good parts unloading.


Loading machine for rifle and pistol caliber

Technical Data

  • Productivity120 pcs/min
  • ComponentsCases - Powder - Bullets
  • Caliberup to 12,7mm


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