cap e beak cap
cap e beak cap #1


Automatic loading of the body and of the caps through hoppers, centrifugal feeders or circular vibrators and linear blowers.
The first two stations are dedicated to the pre-assembly of the cap on the body and are activated according to the product selected on the operator panel.
The first type of caps is loaded by pneumatic manipulators on the tapes in groups of six; this allows a high productivity (12000 pcs / h).
The second one, on leaving the linear vibrator, is transported to the withdrawal position by means of a pneumatic rotary table. In this case the cap load is carried out in groups of two (3800 pcs / h).
The final station, made up of 6 pneumatic cylinders equipped with precision sensors, performs the final assembly checking also the correct insertion height of the cap.


Automatic machine in line for assembling and inserting caps

Technical Data

  • Productivity (pieces / hour)Cap 12000 Pcs/h - Beak Cap 3800 Pcs/h
  • Components to be assembled2
  • Product versions2
  • Number of operators1


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