The art of assembling, controlling and saving

The field of application of Simecon, the flagship of entrepreneurship in Lecco, has been wide and varied. Since 1986 it has been present on the market thanks to the founder's great experience, initially focused on the realization of totally mechanical rotating table machines for high-speed production in consumer, electromechanical and plastic sectors.

Over the years, Simecon has been able to devote human and technological resources to the creation of a competitive business structure able to realize and design cutting-edge machinery, distinguishing itself in the construction of plants for the assembly of products in the consumer, plastic, automotive, railway sectors , electromechanical, electronic, clothing, furniture, packaging.

Witnesses to the growth of the company are constant increases in turnover and number of employees, in addition to the expansion of the headquarters and the transformation of the corporate structure.

Today the company can boast a massive presence in the international arena that touches many countries, including those emerging: U.S.A., Canada, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Turkey and China.

expertise and advanced systems


The design section of Simecon uses the latest generation of application software, allowing full integration between mechanics, electronics and information technology.

The maintenance within the company of both the entire design phase and that of production, as well as allowing the assumption of total functional responsibility, ensures the confidentiality of information, and the protection of intellectual property of the customer.

Present for over 30 years on the world market, the company has always proposed, thanks to the acquired expertise and technological know-how, machinery and innovative solutions at competitive prices. Designers are able to evaluate the best solution for the development of a new automation.

total assistance


Simecon provides the customer with its technical staff during all phases of the supply of a new plant, from preliminary analysis to after-sales assistance.

Already in the preliminary study phase the customer's requests are technically analyzed in detail and a feasibility study is carried out, looking for solutions that guarantee the best compromise between technical, economic and qualitative needs. The study ends with the drafting of the preliminary project, which is then discussed with the client, updated and eventually re-discussed, until the fully satisfactory solution.

During the construction phase the customer is constantly updated on the progress of the work up to the pre-test, which allows checking the full compliance of the system with the project requirements. It then follows the installation at the customer's premises, during which training is carried out to both production and maintenance personnel.

Finally, after-sales assistance is supported by the local diagnostic system, of which all the Simecon machines are provided, and by the remote assistance system, via modem or company network.


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