Assembly machine rotary table, pallet lines, semi-automatic machines.


Machine projection welding, induction, micro flame, mig/mag, condenser discharge.


Robot systems for servo presses, loading/unloading machines, robots and handling robot guidance.

Special Machines

Systems dedicated to specific customer needs, handling.


Special packaging equipment, cartoning machine, packaging equipment, manufactured according to the customer's specific requirements.

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Industrial Automation

Simecon was born in 1986 by exploiting the many decades of experience of the two founding members, an experience grounded on the development of entirely mechanical, rotary indexing table machines for high speed production in the fields of consumer products, electromechanics, and plastics.
Over time, Simecon dedicated its human and technological resources to give life to a competitive company organization capable of developing and designing machineries to distinguish itself in the construction of systems for the assembly of products in the following industrial fields: consumer, plastics, automobile and railway, electromechanics, electronics, clothing, furniture and furnishings, packing.